For two hours I stood hovering over my iMac, anticipating the next moment that would display on the projector hanging below me, highlighting footage and photos, special designed logos and the phrase Vakatasi: Navigating As One. Six days ago, if one were to ask me what ‘the plan’ was, I could easily tell you that this wasn’t it … […]


#Triggered (Freestyle)

  Uh …  Uh  … I’ve always been the token Tongan in the workplace. Since post-grad immersion into the American workforce, I’ve always been tokenized, either by others or by myself, to portray and capture the Tongan experience as a means of the ‘other’ relating to our community, understanding our issues,  and/or advocating for our […]

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Slutshaming In the Tongan Community

5:55 AM – Once again, in my safe place, I attempted to exhale the disappointment and fatigue that was quickly taking over my ability to drive home. University Avenue connected the Dumbarton Bridge to my apartment the way it always had. However, this moment marked the lonely hour where I no longer considered anything in […]

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Being Token PI in AAPI Spaces

As I write this, I find myself still processing my thoughts … The Seattle gloom cast over the landscape view of the highway roads and office buildings while tones of gray colored the afternoon skies. Beyond the modern industrial towers and even further past the Seattle Space Needle, stood the Ocean. I swiveled gently in […]

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